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Roundup of DIY Book Crafts. Feeling guilty about destroying a book? Read what happens to them if you don’t rescue and reuse them here (by my mom who runs one of the largest used book sales for the League of Women Voters).
DIY Roundup of Book Clutch Tutorials (Thanks, I Made It) here. 
DIY Recycled Book into a Sketch Book (Cosmo Cricket) here.
DIY Recycled Altered Book with a Message Tutorial. “Your Life is a Story Make it Good” (Cosmo Cricket) here.
DIY Altered Book Monogram (Ashbee Designs) here.
Two Tutorials: DIY Children’s Book Clock (Instructables, Country Living) here. via  rainbowsandunicornscrafts
DIY Book Page Origami Butterfly (Todolwen) here.
DIY Netbook Book Using a Dollar Store XL Zipper (mikeasaurus at Instructables) here.
DIY: The Literary Lamp (project by Tess Wolfe-Stelzer who won the grand prize for the ReadyMade 100 contest) here.
Vintage Books, How to Alter and Price Them - An Insider’s Tips (The Polka Dot Closet) here. *You may not like this style - but lots of advice.

Here’s a tutorial from Home & Garden Television (HGTV) on how to make a stacked-book table lamp using hardcover books, a lamp kit, lamp shade, drill, and screwdriver. 
(Even though new uses for old books is a recurring theme here on Unconsumption, if you’ve got books you no longer want, but think could be of interest to other readers, then consider selling them or giving them away instead of using them as raw material for lamps or other projects!)